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nat creole. launched an online magazine in 2005 dedicated to offering an entertaining yet informed perspective on the literature, politics, art and music of contemporary global culture. With a focus on broadening the conversation on the arts and their role in an increasingly inter-connected world, nat creole. provides an ideal forum for the exchange of ideas, beliefs and forms of cultural expression.

laugh. consider. breathe. create.

phillip harvey
publisher. editor
Phillip Harvey is a New York based educator, writer and independent curator as well as the founder of Nat Creole. A graduate of Morehouse College and the Masters Program in Arts Administration at Columbia University, Phillip has over 15 years of experience in presenting the cultural arts.
kathi davis
managing editor
With over 20 years of management experience, Kathi Davis is depended upon to keep NC chaos free. Along with her forays into the arts, Washington DC based Kathi manages a non-profit consulting firm.
brook stephenson
literary editor
Brook Stephenson is a New York based writer and educator whose work has appeared in Vibe, XXL, Uptown Magazine and King Magazine. For more information go to
craig patches
multimedia consultant

Craig Patches is a Bronx based animator and multimedia specialist.  Educated at the California Institute of the Arts, Craig has received numerous awards for his animation work including shiny accolades for Yo Gabba Gabba’s “Pick it Up” video on the Cartoon Network.  Check out his portfolio at

alia jones
restoration specialist
Alia Jones is a New York based serial entrepreneur and theatre producer.  The NYU MBA and Spelmanite has developed marketing strategies for large and small businesses in the arts, consumer products, financial services, telecom, nonprofitt & edutainment sectors.
ph balance
music curator
Retired from former dj residencies at the London Jazz Cafe and Sugar High in Tokyo, ph balance still has a head full of tunes. He shares them liberally in the music section.
in the media
nat creole. archive
Past issues available below by clicking on the covers. Grey covers are currently inactive.

nat creole.

Publisher/ Editor:
Phillip Harvey

Creative Counsel:
Alain Mabanckou
Al Burton
Alexis Peskine
Alia Jones
Akintola Hanif
Angelica Le Minh
Annika Connor
Arthur Alleyne
A. Van Jordan
Benjamin Austen
Brook Stephenson
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Delphine Fawandu-Buford
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Julian Conway Wilson Jr
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Kenji Jasper
Kijua Sanders-Mcmurtry
Kirsten Telfer Beith
Kouassi Kra Magali
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Malaika Adero
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Michael Eric Dyson
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